Sunday, January 27, 2008

baby it's cold outside

I woke up to blowing snow and's supposed to be -20C or colder today and -26C tomorrow...brrr....good thing I knitted myself some socks. Here are my latest creation in rust. Still a basic sock, but I managed to make the fit better by anally keeping track of how many rows I knit after the gusset decreases. The socks are knit out of Shi Bui. The stuff was wonderful to work with and the socks feel awesome.

THESE ARE NOT THE PERFECT SOCKS....but they are nice socks (I must say that the Buddha head has come in handy for a few pics now...can't help but drool over my new Namaste knitting bag).

So my next sock project will be lace socks. I am still working on the intestine sweater, hopefully I can make some progress with it in knitting class today.

I feel very perturbed. I have been reading other knitting blogs and everyone has like 'cookie of the week' or something uber-domestic. First of all, I don't bake cookies, secondly, if I had cookie of the week, my ass would be the first recipient of all the goodness, and finally, how do people actually manage to make cookies that don't require major surgery to get them off the pan! I am ranting about this because I have a huge craving for cookies right now. The really thin, ginger snap kind. Maybe I will have to go and try some of these 'cookie of the week' recipes and see if they will work for me. I will try to refrain myself from taking artsy pictures of flour in bowls with measuring cups artfully arranged around the bowl a la great Martha.