Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I keep meaning to...

I keep meaning to post a picture of the progress on my frickin' sock project, but for some reason I have an aversion to my camera right now. Really, I meant to do it last night and have a whole post in my drafts ready to go...I just need to take the damn picture and post it.

The problem is that I got home and the Italian Tile Guy was there (the Babe and I have a never-ending bathroom reno project going on...only someone in Calgary can understand that it takes three months to find someone to tile your bathroom). The Babe dealt with him because the Italian Tile Guy does not deal with women...well, except for his mother. The tile guy is soooo Italian - you know the kind that has the Italian flag on his business card. He was here doing work on Sunday and called his mother four times - I think he's, like, forty-five!! His cell phone plays some Italian song...can't think of the name right now...however, I am digressing.

So I was lounging on the sofa knitting the 'damned' socks and really was at a point where I should have taken a picture. But it was so nice on that sofa, and I had red wine...I think wine has been featured in almost all of my posts to date...hm, something to really think about here. Anyways, I will take a picture of the 'damned' sock tonight and post my progress. I should maybe post the bathroom too. It actually has a shower floor now since the Italian Tile Guy poured that yesterday and I am so proud that it has progressed to a level where there is something, anything being done.