Monday, January 21, 2008

Not the PERFECT socks, however...they are socks

So aside from the sucky knitting week, I did manage to get my socks done. Things I learned:

  1. Measure carefully...a small sock is an annoying sock
  2. This type of heel sucks
  3. It is important to finish a project
  4. These are NOT the perfect socks...however, they are a pair of finished socks
  5. Knitting socks is fun...and
  6. ....knitting the perfect pair of socks is a journey

As the yoga people say in the moment

Here are the socks:

I really need to learn to take artsier pictures. There are all these fabulous blogs out there and people are so talented with their pictures. I mean, really, I should have some funky sock inserts inside the socks rather than my legs, which look weird when you take a picture bent over.

On a different note, I started my sweater - my first "sweater-in-the-round". The Babe commented (completely unsolicited I might add) that it looked like some intestines. I rolled my eyes, but after I took a picture and kind of looked at it, I have to secretly agree that he is right...although I will never say that to him. Here is the beginning of the intestine sweater. I am certain (I hope) it will not look like intestines when I am done.