Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Pooping Sheep

My dad is Bulgarian. When I was little we went to visit a friend of his who was an artist. The friend asked me if I would like for him to draw a picture for me and if so, what would I like him to draw. My parents were curious to see what I would say....I was four years old. I said "Please draw me a picture of a sheep that is pooping!" My parents were horrified. I think that somewhere in that past life, there was a subconscious fascination by wool and it did not manifest itself until I was 45 years old.

This Christmas, my obviously sensitive and totally in-the-know boyfriend gave me 10 drop-in knitting lessons at my favorite yarn store here in Calgary, Make 1 Yarn . I had started knitting and made a gazillion scarves but was not able to progress beyond that. Really what he wants is a hand knit cashmere sweater. Ha ha ha ha...he will be waiting forever. I think there is a book about not knitting your boyfriend a sweater until you have "the ring". I secretly swooned at the possibility of being able to knit socks like I had seen on Knitty.

The drop-in classes for normal humans like myself, who work during the week, take place on a Sunday. Last Sunday, I decided to brave the concept of actually knitting in front of others and I went to a class. Amy, the owner of the store and ever-patient teacher, filled me in on the intricacies of knitting on four tiny needles. My god. The things looked a bit like those really nice toothpicks that don't leave slivers in one's know the ones, kinda rounded and smooth. Later that night my boyfriend viewed my efforts with great amusement and suggested that he could probably sand down some skewers if I needed extra needles.

I am a woman obsessed. I have knit my 7 inches worth of sock and now must wait until Sunday to learn how to do a heel. Out of sheer desperation I just started knitting another pair of socks. I wish I knew what kind of wool I am using to make these babies...all I know is it's some "sock wool"...very expensive like $24.99 a skein (is that what the ball of wool is called). I seem to recall buying wool when I was 12 like a gazillion years ago at Safeway and it was like $1.99.

The most awesome thing about the classes is the community of women that congregate to learn, encourage each other and just talk. I think my next step is stitch and bitch.