Friday, January 18, 2008

Something funny happened at the LYS

So I am getting so smart. I have been checking out all these different knitting blogs and have come to understand that there are knitters' acronyms that are very important to learn - like LYS - which apparently stands for 'local yarn store'. I have a good selection of those near where I live.

So a few days ago I was in one of my LYS. There was only myself and the woman who owns the shop. We were chatting and talking about Koigu yarn , which is kind of like talking about a blessed deity of your choice.

A man walked in with his hair all in braids and a colored, crochet rasta hat on his head. Now, folks, this is Calgary. This kind of apparition might be common-place in like, oh let's say Toronto or New York, but in Calgary a rasta man in a yarn store is highly unusual. He looked around and then in a very loud voice, with a VERY pronounced accent said "Wat you all do hea!!" The Knitting Lady looks at me, looks around the store and says "Uh, pardon?". He repeats "wat you all do hea, what is this plaaaace!" She looks at me again, and I have to admit I am thinking "snapped crayon". The Knitting Lady finally looks around the store again and says "Uh, we sell yarn...and knitting supplies." Big silence from Rasta Man...he then says "Ah, so ... you don't actually do anyting." She looks at me again, and then says, "Well, we sell things - knitting things". Rasta Man then says "so you caan't make my hat, my beautiful hat, I design this hat, it is like noting in Calgary! I want someone to make many many hats for me." We were both looking at each other and then it dawned on us that he was hoping she would knit or crochet his hats so he could sell them. When told this was not possible he chatted some more and left.

We both looked at each other and then absolutely split a gut. On a different note, I did buy some amazing Koigu yarn.

Here it is. I bought three different colors. They look scrumptious under my Buddha head that the Babe gave me for Christmas.

And here is our started bathroom. All ready for tiling after four and a half months of being demolished and three months of being in this state. Well, the shower base got poured a few days ago.

Onward forward.