Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When exactly did knitting become the NEW YOGA?

So my question is – when did knitting become like the hottest trend? I don’t recall Madonna running around with a Lexie Barnes knitting bag with Crystal Palace needles sticking out of whatever is “on the needles”. I mean, she is supposed to be the trend setting queen (ok, the Kabala thing did not really go over too well). Remember yoga pre-Madonna? The general gist was an emaciated vegetarian man wearing a diaper wound up in a pretzel-like pose. Now, thanks to Madonna, the Pretzel Man is charging thousands of dollars to teach a league of Lululemon-clad hoards how to live in the moment. So now – apparently - knitting is the new yoga. Julia Roberts knits. She is even starring in a movie about a woman who knits based on a book by the same name ( The Friday Night Knitting Club). There are uber-avant-garde books on weird people who knit (KnitKnit) all these fantastic artistic things.

Knitting clubs are endearingly called “the stitch and bitch” by knitting devotees and are the latest trend sweeping the developed world as stich’n’bitch clubs are springing across the universe. Knitting and yarn companies are hiring designers to create pattern books reminiscent of lifestyle magazines with high-end photography and svelte (probably yoga-practicing) models gracing the pages.

I don’t know how I missed all these important events. In my last knitting incarnation, I was a young mom with two little male children and was knitting sweaters with pictures of dinosaurs and bears and such (that was 20 years ago – hence why I am having to relearn knitting). I don’t remember there being patterns for grownups (I know the purists out there will argue that there was the Holy Grail – Vogue Knitting – but at the time I lived on Vancouver Island and there was nothing vogue about that) … and lets not forget the ubiquitous ‘buffalo wool sweaters’ that were all the rage. Remember the horrible, itchy sweaters in tans, taupe or grey with pictures of beavers and moose and other Canadiana boldly enhancing their ugliness. Apparently those sweaters are now called “vintage”. I personally call them ugly, smelly old sweaters…but ugly smelly sweaters don’t sell whereas vintage, now THAT sells.

There are also thousands of blogs out there by obsessed crazy knitters with cats (I have a cat, but only one cat…and I am obsessed with knitting more on a sociological horribly fascinated kind of level…so I’m OKAY!!!). Speaking of blogging, and I digress, even the Great Martha the Felon herself has a blog The Great Martha - okay people I can still call her a felon because she has not been pardoned and probably won’t be…to be pardoned in the U.S. you must be a man and out a spy. It’s a good thing!!