Tuesday, February 12, 2008

intestine sweater

So my mother phones me and leaves me a message saying something like "I am curious about the intestine sweater...when are you going to post something...when will I see it?" So, the thing is, I finished the intestine sweater, I honestly can say it no longer looks like intestines, but it is a little big around the chest (wishful thinking on my part when I was knitting it, obviously). So like a madwoman I am rushing around downtown Calgary looking for a pin so I can put the sweater on and have the Babe take a photo so I can put it on my blog so my mother is happy. I don't know what the world is coming to but obviously pins or broches as they are called, are not in style because I could not find anything - actually one woman looked at me like I was some relic from a past life. Finally I went into one of those hippie, pot-pipe and rolling paper stores and found a hideous pin that was, thank God, on for half price. The girl in the store who obviously uses too much of the product they don't actually have out on the counter said "wow, and it's such a cool pin, and lucky for you no one has bought it - it's meant to be yours!" IT IS SO UGLY, however, it did the job in providing closure to the sweater. So here it is, my first sweater ever for an adult.