Sunday, February 24, 2008

knitters of the world unite

All I can say is that I am grateful I am here to still make posts. Every time I go ice climbing with the Babe I always think I am never going to make it back alive. We went ice climbing on the 'Weeping Wall' which is located on the icefields parkway in Alberta (weeping wall) . It is a 400 metre wall of steep ice. It's right off the highway (thank God--that backpack full of ice gear is bigger than me!) and is this massive, stunning ice formation. Anyway, we climbed the full length of it, I could hardly breathe by the time I hit the top, the top out was dangerous and creepy. I know why it's called the weeping wall -- because by the time you finish climbing it you are weeping!! Needless to say I can hardly move today. Why do men pick such stupid sports and than want you to participate in them?

The positive of the whole thing was that in the evening in the hostel I got a bunch of knitting done. There was a big group of us that went out to climb different things (only the Babe and I, however, got up and left at 5:30 a.m. to do our 'little' climb) One other climber chick was knitting away, so I happily took out my knitting, which I grabbed at the last minute as we were leaving the house 'just in case'. I finished the cute little pink and orange (for the spectrum project) girly socks that I have named "rings of flames". There really is no pattern, I took the stitch out of a vogue book, cast on like I do for my basic socks and used the monkey pattern to turn the heel and work the instep--kind of!! The yarn is my favorite Koigu KPPM from the painters palette. I love wearing them they really turned out well. I also cast on for the BF socks I have been promising the Babe since he gave me knitting lessons for Christmas. I found a beautiful khaki green by ShiBui and have one sock almost completed...stay posted for pictures when they are fully knitted.

The climber guys were bugging climber chick and I about our knitting, however, the Babe stands up and says in a loud voice "knitters of the world unite" and laughingly explained to all the confused men that knitting is the new yoga and big business nowadays. He also explained about the knitting blogging phenomenon. He said "first you start knitting, then you start a blog, and then probably getting a cat is almost obligatory." The guys were all intrigued by all the technical equipment i.e. my harmony needles and Alison's Addi Turbos, and one dude even tried knitting. Alison managed to teach him the knit stitch the first night and then got him going on the purl stitch. The way I see it is that it should be a breeze for climber dude because after all, he is an expert with knots knitting is just a step up!