Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'lest you think I am not knitting

I am knitting!! I have completed my two pairs of socks, my intestine sweater only needs half a sleeve to go, I completed one monkey sock...and I am trying my hand out at this:

All I can say about color work is do not drink wine, lock your cat up, and don't watch television when you are doing it. This takes focus - lots of focus. I can only do like ten rows a night, after that my mind cannot handle it. Hopefully these will end up being handwarmers. I think endpaper mitts are the starting project for many people for color work.

I am traveling today for business, and my only question in life is: Why is it that when they tell you to turn off your cell phone and blackberry on a plane, some MAN, always thinks those instructions are not for him. I don't see women disobeying "the rules", only men. I mean really, what cannot wait till you arrive at your destination? It's just too much...I see the guy, he is playing with his blackberry, talking on a cell phone in the other ear, squirming around in his seat. For crying out loud, just read a book or something, practice airplane yoga, take up meditation. The same guy is turning his irritating electronic addictions on before the plane even lands. I think the worst invention ever is the blackberry. I think this is one reason I took up knitting...so I would stop checking my blackberry on the weekend! I mean, what could possibly happen in the oil patch over a weekend that I would need to know about? If there is some hideous disaster in downtown Calgary, I would rather wait till Monday morning to deal with it!! It's like having your boss living in your house 24/7. Nightmarish thought. I am cranky because I am in Winnipeg and its -28C.