Monday, February 4, 2008

woe is my camera

So I have been perusing the different blogs out there and I have decided that everyone is a photographer, or the new cameras are just so much better than my five year old Canon elf. Very frustrating when you want to take awesome shots for the Spectrum project. Well, before I go out and spend a thousand dollars to produce pictures of wool and cookies, I have decided to actually READ the manual that came with my five year old camera (trust me when I say that I had to turn the house upside down to find it...I mean really, who needs manuals?). Then I called my friend who is a commercial photographer and enlisted his help. He assures me that I can get good shots with my current camera...I just need to learn how to use it (man, I hate reading manuals...they are so complicated). Once I get full capacity out of it, then I can spend the money on a new one. Last night I figured out "the macro". Above is my image for this week's spectrum project. (Why is the spelling feature not working on blogger?). I absolutely love tulips. Tulips and daisies are my favorite flowers. The fact is orange, pink, red tulips add warmth and sun to a bleak snowy day. That flower is taken using my newly discovered "macro". Life is looking up.