Thursday, February 14, 2008

yes virginia, there really is a st. valentine

Well, for once in my life I have had a great Valentine day. Firstly, the Babe took me out to dinner at the Artisan Bistro, which is like my most favorite place. Secondly I started this sock a week ago. It's my Koigu yarn, and the sock is a combination of three patterns. I will post the finished product ... once it is finished!!

The jelly beans are for the Babe because sweets are his favorite thing. Thirdly, my harmony needles arrived today:
And last but definitely not least, my Selvedge magazine finally arrived. I live in Canada - it takes like 21 to 30 days after publish date for me to get each issue. They lost this issue and I called to London to rant and rave and within a week it was in my mail box.

The Babe is going ice climbing on Saturday. I am having a totally 'me' day. Reading magazines, surfing blogs and knitting and maybe going to my local LYS., and drinking some great wine. Ahhhh.... life is good!