Saturday, March 1, 2008

...but will they let me in the colony?

I am in the process of completing my university degree, along with working a very busy, corporate job as an investor relations advisor to an oil company. It's what I call one of those self-actualized jobs...corporations have people like me to fulfill their communication programs because they are large enough and successful enough to offload these things to 'a person'. Start-up companies, short on money and resources, cannot have people like me because we are not necessary to the basic existence of a business - hence a frivolous cost. The job is interesting, involves travel and writing but the downside is that I would be the first one to be deleted, ejected, packaged-out (whatever pleasant term one wants to use for being got rid of) when a company is acquired by another or starts to run into difficulties.

I always think about my relevance in terms of...what if there was a nuclear war and resources were limited, and the remaining survivors formed colonies...would they let me in the colony? What do I have to offer? Can I do anything practical? I am getting (ahem!) to that age where procreation is not a pleasant thought! For sure they will let nurses and doctors and engineers and house-builders into the colony. But, what about people like me? I don't think they would let me in, along with lawyers, accountants, and insurance salespeople,...oh, and telemarketers - they are definitely not getting in. The Babe was listening to me rant on about my insignificance in the post-apocalyptic world and said...."You're wrong babe, they would definitely let you in the colony because you know how to KNIT GREAT SOCKS!"

Yes everyone, I have been saved from extinction because I can knit socks...and considering I just started a new course, socks are probably the only thing I will be able to mentally focus on knitting for the next five weeks.