Monday, March 24, 2008

hear me so i blog

I never read a blog until about a year ago. The first blog I read was a link from my LYS site to indigirl. On that blog were links to other blogs and so can picture it. Slowly the blogging world emerged to me and now I read many of the same blogs all of you read. Some blogs seem to appear again and again as favorites on people's side bars.

As a communication specialist, blogs fascinate me. I started reading the archives of many bloggers and most wrote that they started blogging to keep a record of their knits or sewing projects and to chat about life. However, as time went by the blogs became a forum for others to join in the conversation, celebrate victories and commiserate the sad times. I noticed that some of the established bloggers have a community of people surrounding their occasional musings and all these voices stitch a tapestry of thoughts and connections.

I realized how attached we get to our blogs. One of the first people who left a comment on my blog was Lin. I read Lin's blog whenever she posted and enjoyed her projects and thoughts with her. Lin took a little break from blogging and is still on her blogoholiday...I actually experienced this little twinge of loss for a while, a let down feeling that something was not quite right in the world - someone was missing. It sounds funny, I know, but I realized that we get used to hearing the same voices and when they go away, we are impacted - at least for a while - by the gap left by that individual.

Most bloggers say at some point that their blogs are for themselves, however, again, now that I blog, I must admit that when I see comments from others, it makes me happy. Simply happy. Comments mean that others are reading, listening, and sharing. I don't think that we as bloggers can honestly say that we don't care if someone is reading or not - for me personally seeing that new little comment at the bottom of my writing gives me a lift each day and enables a connection with people from around the world. For many of us, our blogs are our voices, they are our 15 minutes...hope you are having a wonderful time off Lin, I miss you.