Monday, March 17, 2008

the stress of knitting

I think I am one of those people who stresses out about everything. I stress out about my job, my house, my weight, my school work, about my kids, about other people, about the weather, about my car, about my cat...everything. My sister is like that as well. We both happily blame our parents...eastern European imports.

Eastern European parents have certain mantras they recite to their children...go to school, save your money, open RRSPs, don't do anything weird because what will people think of us, get a job with a pension plan, plus a thousand other things that most north American people never make chants out of. Us children of eastern European parents like to put these drones in the back of our minds - unfortunately these things come and haunt us in our sleep. Our parents can't help it...they came to a new country with nothing and rebuild their lives and the only thing that no one had taken away from them in their old country is their education and their ability to be frugal...well, except for my dad...he is not frugal...he likes kitchen appliances too much, and computers, and his sailboat, and his power tools. I must say though, that it is this propensity to stress and feel guilty about everything that directly contributes to my doing well in life. I have a good job, a great house, decent know - I have a small life but a meaningful life, I feel lucky.

Knitting is supposed to be my escape from all that is necessary, but slowly my type A personality is starting to creep in. I have FOUR projects on the go right now and it is stressing me out. I have decided that I am one of these people who can only have one sweater and one pair of socks on the go. Right now I have one sweetpea sock, one toe up sock, one endpaper mitt and a small portion of Mr. Greenjeans completed. I can't handle it. It is keeping me up at night. So, once I finish off on the socks, I am NOT starting anything new until I get everything done.

You know, I am minimalist...I don't like junk and too many projects to me is mind clutter. Of course one needs to knit and get into knitting to discover this side of herself. I know there are knitters out there who have many projects on the go...I can't be one of those people. I know that now.