Thursday, April 10, 2008

the rain in spain continues

Here are some more pictures from Spain for you. Below is a beautiful reflecting pool from a room in the Alcazar. The Alcazar is a stunning structure. We are doing mostly indoor things because we have had torrential rain here this week. Both the Babe and I are very sick now. Thank you all for your comments. I will respond to you all when I get back...I think we are 'borrowing' our internet from someone somewhere near our is very slow and cumbersome. It takes for ever to download these pictures.

I have not found a  yarn store - obviously no one in Spain knits. Even if I did find a yarn store, chances are I would not be allowed to touch the yarn. I needed to buy shoes because both of my pairs are saturated with water - what an experience - I had to choose the shoes from behind the window display, I then had to ask for the shoes, and they then bring you ONE shoe to try on - not certain why only one - maybe they are worried you will run out of the store with the shoes on if you try both. The service is very abrupt - I was scared to ask to see more than one kind of shoe because the service girl rolled her eyes when I just requested another size and then kept tapping her foot while I was trying it on. I tried buttering up to her with smiles - but, no give - she wanted to be rude. This was pretty typical of most of our shopping experience here. 

We just laugh about it because honestly you would get depressed otherwise. Thank goodness I can read in Spanish perfectly (I speak French - very similar) so I can at least consult my dictionary for words if I am stuck. We have seem some beautiful sites, and tonight we are off to the flamenco. We have also been drinking like fish - hoping that enough red wine will cure our flue and cold. We will try to DRIVE to Grenada tomorrow - that should be an adventure...the driving is crazy here.