Wednesday, April 16, 2008

there truly is no better place than home

Home is truly a wonderful place and to me, seems even more wonderful when I have been away from it for a while. My cat is happy to see us...she has been lonely.

We are back from Spain and need to settle into normal life. The Babe and I celebrated our last two days in Spain by going for an awesome seafood feast...bad idea...the next morning The Babe awoke with such bad food poisoning that I did not think we would be able to fly home the next day. Luckily a very nice pharmacist in Madrid managed to medicate him enough that by the next morning he was in flying-health shape and we were able to fly home.

Now I am sitting on the sofa, catching up with every one's blogg and considering what I should pick up and knit. There are a thousand things to do but it's nice to take this time to pet the kitty and just sit and do nothing.