Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So I have been tagged by and Sarah and Two Hippos to do a meme that has been floating around blogland for the last little while. I have never done a meme (just figured out recently what a meme was), and since I don't really have any FOs or any brilliant knitting to blog about, this comes at a good time.

1) what was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago was 1998; I was in a relationship with a photographer and living in a loft on a busy street near downtown. I worked for an oil service company, was getting into yoga, and was on an aggressive career path. I constantly worried about everything. Knitting and crafts were long gone from my life - school, work, being a mom, and paying bills was in. I am glad ten years ago is over and done with.

2) what are five non-working things to do on my to-do list today?

I need to finish a school assignment
I must go climbing with the babe at the climbing gym after work
We are going out for supper for a friends birthday
I need to knit some rows of my latest sock project
I need to plant at least one thing in my garden...not necessarily in this order.

3) snacks I enjoy

beef jerky (I am from Alberta, what can I say)
expensive cheese and crackers
leftover cold pizza

4) things I would do if I were a billionaire

Immediately quit my job. ...and I mean immediately. Poof. I am gone. Spend my time travelling, reading good books, knitting, learning another language, buying property, learning pottery, doing yoga, pay for a personal trainer to come and work out with me every day....there just would not be enough hours in a day to do all the things I would want to do. I could support my favorite charity in a big way. I support a YWCA program that teaches women how to become master carpenters so they can become independent and be able to earn great money. Many of these women come from abusive backgrounds, extreme poverty, have no education, or have no viable skills to support their children. I could shower them with money so they could pay more teachers and put more women through the program. Grrrrrl power!

5) places I have lived

In this order:

Brno, Czech Republic
Paris, France
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
and...back to Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I hate moving with a passion.

6) jobs I have had

loans officer assistant
part-time typing teacher
operations manager for a direct mail marketing firm
executive assistant
and.... for the last 16 Investor Relations Specialist

7) peeps I want to know more about:

Well everyone whose blog I read seems to have completed this meme, so whoever visits my blog and wants to complete this meme please do so and let us know by posting a comment on my blog. We can then all enjoy your meme.

The above image is a compilation of the things that comprise who I am - my kitty, my knitting, my garden...of course there is also the babe but, blogs are really about the author and her personal babe will stay anonymous.