Sunday, May 11, 2008


I realized that it is coming on to the middle of May and pretty soon the 'earth' element of project spectrum will be finished. Finally, after much ado, spring has arrived in Calgary. We had about 15 cm of snow as early as two days ago...I truly believed winter was never going to be over...but it is amazing what happened in two days. It is still a bit chilly out - about 11 C today, but the sun is out and - miracle - my perennials seem to have survived the many snow storms we have had in the last month and they are still alive.

The images for this post were taken in my garden today - the lady's mantle must have suspected that I needed something green to photograph and obliged by posing for a picture. Since there really is no knitting involved here, I decided that a celery colored green yarn would add the 'knitting' element. It is Melange from Blue Sky - the colorway is Relish. Though spring is officially here - this is Calgary after all - and winter is not far away. The super soft melange will make a cozy cowl that will get much use as soon as September.