Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Another two weeks of freedom and I start another course....I am tired of school...but....I started this degree years ago and I only have about eight courses to go. It is something I want to finish at some point in my lifetime! Sigh! I wish it was something exciting like pottery, or fine arts, or design...but no, I am majoring in finance.

Because I am starting school, I feel like I need to have some simplicity in my knitting. I have been whining in my last few posts about not enjoying fussy knits. So I have decided to knit something minimalist and color-neutral. I have been researching possible patterns for a while now and finally settled on the pineapple cardigan from the queen of minimalist knit design - Setsuko Torii for Habu Textiles. I am eager to get started on this project. The yarn is made from pineapple fiber and is knit with three strands. The pattern is very simple - it is the texture of the yarn and the clever simplicity of this design that make the knit enticing to me - and it will be my first sweater that will need to be assembled - and it is my first Habu project.