Monday, June 9, 2008

ode to yellow

Sometimes a color inspires a knit project. This month's project spectrum colors include yellow. Last week as I was writing my post, I started thinking about the colors and remembered I had a wonderful yellow yarn somewhere in my stash. Now...I have not really been in a knitting mood, but it was pouring rain this past weekend and I was tired of knitting socks, so I went upstairs and dug out the yellow yarn. It's Elegance by Knit Picks - a combination of baby alpaca and silk - the colorway is Daisy. Gorgeous little piles of softness, squishy and wonderful! I decided to dig up a pattern and knit away.

I won't share with you what I am making is almost finished! But, I want to see first how it all melds...then I will share. Right now I am enjoying simply knitting something simple and watching it come together. I paired this beautiful yarn with an equally stunning gift from my garden. The sun came out just long enough to capture this globe flower in full bloom.