Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay, so, the lesson in life is - NEVER KNIT ANYTHING IN A HURRY! And when something feels off during the knitting process, there is a distinct possibility that this item will :

a) be frogged
b) never be worn
c) be put away half finished in a place where my brain will forget about it!

Remember my little bit of yellow knitting from a couple of posts ago - well, it was Ms. Marigold. The way this vest is knit is very strange and it leaves a lot of ends that require weaving in, which just did not work well with my silk/baby alpaca blend yarn. Then I tried the piece on and I looked like I was wearing a sausage casing - it was really small even though my gauge was right on! And, the fact that I broke out in big red splotches wherever the yarn touched my bare skin probably did nothing to endear me to the piece. Anyways I am taking option c).

The fact is that I came back from Montreal and my garden was decimated by hail during my absence, so I had that to deal with that - cutting plants back, getting new plants for my pots. Then I had my final exam to study for, and my brain really was not on knitting. I think I got all excited about this yarn and it was yellow, perfect project spectrum material, and I wanted to make SOMETHING out of it. I quickly picked a pattern and really did not think about whether I like it or not...and...I never wear vests - so, what was I thinking?

Anyways, a new week is starting, new projects can be seriously considered and life goes on. The good news is that I finished my finance course and I got an A and now I have a glorious three weeks before I start a new course. Life is good. I did a lot of work in the garden, so above are some images of progress.