Sunday, June 15, 2008

when the cat's away.....the cat will shop

I am away on a business trip right now attending a conference for my industry group. The conference is taking place in Mt. Tremblant, a beautiful little resort about one and a half hours outside of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. I also spent two days in Montreal for some business meetings, and let me tell you, I am glad it was only two days. I don't think my wallet could have taken any more stress!! Montreal is on par with other major centers such as New York, Paris, and London when it comes to its abundance of wonderful, high-end stores and interesting boutiques. I am surprised I am not bankrupt yet.

Mt. Tremblant is wonderful and the weather has been stunning. I sat on a patio chair for hours knitting away on a simple sock and enjoying the sunshine. After all the incessant rain in Calgary, it is just such a treat to be in a place where the sun is shining and it is hot. I had to leave my yellow knitting behind because of issues with taking metal needles on the plane. They will allow bamboo needles on flights here, but even then I always take my least favorite, cheapest needles just in case I get a security person who obviously hates knitters.

The pictures above are taken here at the resort and truly represent the colors that surround me.

Even though this is supposed to be work, I have been able to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation before the start of the conference.