Saturday, July 19, 2008

in the pink

I have decided to push my photo creativity by trying to do a colour collage around my stripey socks I have been knitting this summer. This first instalment is based on pink stripey socks. I like doing this because it does two things - encourages me to really consider color in my knitting and then stimulates me to look for that color in objects or nature. What I am discovering about photography is that composition is the primary factor. Anyone can snap a picture with a digital camera - however, color, subject, shadows and light is what make the picture interesting or beautiful.

The other reason I have this obsession with knitting simple, colorful socks is because I finally started a BIG knitting project, all BLACK, and stripey socks are a fun diversion. The project will take me a while so don't look for much progress anytime soon. I am knitting Annikki by Nora Gaughan. I am using black Blue Sky sport yarn (100% baby alpaca). It is a significant project in size and requires 30 skeins of the yarn - making this an expensive project as well. I need to alter the size because the only downfall of Nora Gaughan's patterns is that she seems to create things for extremely tall, model stick-like women. The model on the pattern is wearing the 34 size and she is 5'10". Ahem, I am 5'0" - hence the issue. I am part of the way through the back piece and the yarn is knitting up beautifully.