Saturday, August 23, 2008

how to procrastinate effectively

See that picture of me above, lounging around on the garden steps? Well, I am supposed to be putting compost in my flower beds and weeding - but, I got this new little wireless remote shutter thingy for my camera and so I set up the tripod to take some pictures of myself in socks for a post. But, then I got distracted by the August issue of Gourmet magazine that has some amazing photos in it (I don't actually cook anything from the magazine, I just look at it), and so I decided to take a picture of myself procrastinating. A critical rule of procrastination is a great glass of wine and a supply of Crave cupcakes. Being still nervous from the rodent rabbit incident, I have my rubber gardening clogs nearby to use as missiles. I tend to procrastinate more when I have pressing things to do...I think a lot of people do that...I am certain it is a coping mechanism of some kind :)

I should also be knitting socks because I am doing a swap with the lovely Beth of Acorn Collective - some stripey socks for one of her fabulous basket bags. I am simply enjoying the concept that I am making 'traveling socks', which will make their way to the land down under - Australia. I love these swaps. I had some amazing ShiBui yarn in my stash that should be perfect for her.

I want to thank a couple of sweet blogger friends for gifting me with awards. Ladybug-zen nominated me for the arte y pico award and Ginny of the flour loft nominated me for the 'I love your blog' award. Both of these gals have wonderful blogs that I love perusing on a very regular basis. These awards comprise rules, but you know, we are all busy with life and I am feeling rebellious, so I am bestowing these awards on all the absolutely wonderful people who commented on the killer rabbit post. I felt so good when I saw all those comments. Thank you.

...and now you all must check out this blog Cannelle et Vanille, go ahead, just click on it...all I can say is "divine"!