Thursday, August 14, 2008

killer rabbits and other things

Thank you everyone for all the encouraging comments about my photos. It's great to know that many people have the same issues about their own artwork sometimes. I got tired of sock pictures and had a bit of a guilt attack because I bought another knitting book - out of which I will never make anything!! I have all these terrific knitting, sewing, and decorating books...because I love looking at the pictures. So, to make myself feel justified about all these acquisitions, I decided to knit the toque above. The pattern is from Knitted Gifts. The glorious homespun yarn is by talented Jessi. The homespun was wonderful to work with, so soft and I got two toques out of it. The one I am modeling is the child's size.

On a completely different note - have any of you ever been attacked by a rabbit? I was watering my flowers in the garden and my cat was lounging around; I noticed my cat was cowering by the patio doors. I turned around and staring at me was this UGLY, grey rabbit. I am not talking about a cute thumper, floppy ears here - I mean this thing was a huge, giant rodent-like creature, and was glaring at me with little rabbity, beady eyes. I was so freaked out I started screaming and sprayed it with my hose. Well...the thing just kept advancing towards me, ugh, my skin is crawling just writing about it. I kept spraying and it kept inching towards me. I just ran into the house and closed the patio door shut. The Babe was completely bewildered by my outburst - I never scream, not even for snakes or anything! I was trying to explain to him that there was an ugly rabbit outside who wanted to bite me. Well, the thing hopped onto our patio steps and sat there. The Babe went outside and threw a shoe at it and it finally disappeared - have not seen it since, but is that not strange?