Friday, August 29, 2008

life is eat your desert first

I am not baker. The only thing I have successfully baked is bread. But I am fascinated by people's passionate reactions to desert. Desert represents everything that you don't need but you really want...with a cherry on top. Desert is the extra - the thing that makes us happy, it's the crowning glory; desert is the oohs and ahhs after the dinner party, it's Christmas and every other most important event,'s cashmere's the bliss that comes after satisfaction. So, appropriately, my first baking experiment needed to be desert in its sweetest, most decadent form...the chocolate cake.

Chocolate is swirling around me of late - the Babe is the chocoholic in our house; I have just finished knitting socks in scrumptious Dark Chocolate from Apple Laine, and there has been witty reviews of microwaved chocolate cake (here) and hilarious rebuttals with recipes for the real thing (here). The recipe I chose is from the brilliant Vanille et Cannelle...Aran's photo was so amazing that I challenged myself to recreate it in all its chocolate splendour. I chose the best ingredients I could find - the most sumptuous chocolate, the biggest, glossiest cherries I could find and vanilla bean for scent and additional flavour.

I constantly browse books, magazines, and blogs to learn and to garner it was immensely satisfying to follow Aran's instructions and blend ingredient on top of ingredient to construct this wonderful visual. Happy weekend everyone.