Friday, August 1, 2008

socks for helen

Blogging is such an amazing little trip because sometimes the most wonderful opportunities are presented because of a post. A few weeks ago I posted about buying a lovely print from Jennifer over at Littlebird. Through Jennifer's blog, I was introduced to the amazingly talented Helen and her fun blog zukzuk. The trifecta above shows the 'Weird Hair Feeding Birds" print I purchased from Helen's shop here . Helen then visited my blog and fell in love with my stripey socks. So a perfect deal was struck - I would make Helen socks in exchange for one of her wonderful prints. If you visit her shop, you will see she loves bright colors, has an amazing imagination and likes to have fun in her art - and she is a fellow Canadian. I had a wonderful yarn from Claudia's Handpainted yarn series in a bright, sunny colorway and I thought the yarn would knit up into perfect socks for Helen. Now I just hope they fit her (cross my fingers and toes).

On another lovely note, my blogging friend Tracy nominated me for a Brillante award:

That is so sweet. I am tickled pink! Tracy is also a talented artist and makes wonderful jewelry - but that will be another post! She also tagged me to share six random facts about myself - again I think I will save that for my next post :) I would say one of the top benefits of blogging is meeting wonderful, talented people and through these relationships opening oneself to opportunities we would not have otherwise.

Have a great weekend everyone.