Saturday, September 13, 2008

the gnome is tired so the socks will travel

Remember the movie Amelie? I hope so - if not, then rent it because it is a sensory feast for the eyes. Remember the traveling gnome in the movie...apparently garden ornaments travel - well my gnome is tired and has decided to stay home for the winter, instead I have a pair of very colorful socks that will make their way to Australia to spend the rest of their days with the lovely Beth.

I can't blame the gnome for wanting to hide under a plant in my garden. Traveling is fun but for me, there is something pleasant about being home, getting back into routine, and doing the things required to make life hum to a tune I like. I am back at work, back to training for a running race, and picking up my dormant knitting projects.

I remember an old boss, very mean man, yelling at us in a morning meeting to 'get with the program people'. September, rather than January, is that time when I generally 'get with the program' although, I certainly don't yell at myself. I heard a speaker at my conference last week and he asked us if we had a dream - of course most people had a dream. It's what he said next that caught my attention - he said that to make a dream come true you must make it a goal and then the most important thing is not necessarily achieving that goal, but rather the journey to reach it. That little piece of wisdom sums up September for me - it will become my September manifesto.

See the beautiful note card in the photo above? I won a set of those from cloth.paper.string. They are too beautiful to part I will write one goal and the road map to reach it inside a card, frame it, and then next September assess my location on the map.