Saturday, September 6, 2008

something different

Everyone has a place that calms their soul. When things get too stressful, when I get that feeling in my chest where tightness sets in and I can't take a full cleansing breath, when my city becomes so preoccupied with the price of oil and the rise and fall of the stock market so that it occupies my every moment and thought, I know it is time to go somewhere where all these things seem to disappear and become just slight annoyances somewhere in the recesses of my mind. Vancouver Island in British Columbia, where my parents live, is one of the most beautiful places I know. Maybe it's the blue of the water lapping noisily against the shore or finding the only white pebble amongst thousands of brown ones,

Or, it's the amazing array of gorgeous hydrangeas that dot my mom's garden,

Or the scented lavender in my parent's neighbour's garden

Or the hippie houses surrounded by snowball bushes and white geese running away from my lens,

Or my favorite girlfriend's window sill that never changes except for the selection of flowers that grace her little blue vase until they go through all the stages of their bloom.

As soon as I set foot on the Island and I smell that salty, humid air, I feel like I am on a different planet and the hum of life changes instantly.

I am very late on reading every one's blogs and leaving my comments and enjoying catching up on every one's week...but, this was so good. I am on the Island for another 4 days attending a it's work...but I am staying in a wonderful old hotel in Victoria, in front of a beautiful old harbour, so life is really good.