Saturday, September 27, 2008

a thousand stitches joined together

Pattern - Gossamer scarf, Interweave, Summer 2008
Designer - Kat Coyle
Yarn - Urban Silk in a soft dove grey
Modifications - I did 4 1/2 repeats instead of 3 1/2 - it gets cold in Calgary

Amidst all the chaos of my everyday life I have finished a piece of knitting. Somehow the stitches just came together and when I looked up there was a wonderful, silk scarf. The scarf was designed by talented Kat Coyle. She is probably one of my most favorite knitters, artists, people...I love reading her blog.

It felt good knitting this scarf - the back and forth of the piece, the enjoyable pattern - such a great distraction from worrisome economies, panicked investors, and frustrating questions. I loved that feeling of just losing myself in the moment of my clicking needles - knitting became a simple movement to a soundless beat. It felt like moving to one of those electronic trance pieces, simply swaying from side to side to a musical drone, brain on neutral, every now and then mindlessly agreeing to something the Babe said...but, honestly - not really hearing the words. Life is like my scarf sometimes - a thousand stitches joined together to form a whole - a beautiful whole.

I received a lovely surprise in the mail this week. I won a give-away from lovely Jane. It was such a wonderful gift - and what a gift! Chocolate, a little handmade needle book, the pincushion featured below, a wonderful thimble, ribbons, needles - it just went on and on. Of course the Babe scarfed down the chocolate before I could take a picture. Thank you so much Jane. This is so sweet and really brightened up my week.