Saturday, September 20, 2008

when atlas shrugged

We interupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you life through rose colored glasses.

I don't know if any of you have read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged - if you have, you will understand me when I say that this week I felt that globe move on Atlas's big shoulders. I work in a job that is directly tied to the financial markets and all I can say is thank goodness this week is over. I read five newspapers each morning to familiarize myself with daily news on economies around the globe - let me just say that I am tired and overwhelmed and somewhat depressed. I have fielded hundreds of calls from anxious investors and feel like I could take up a new career in counseling :)

So, to celebrate the end of the week and to slow things down a bit I have decided to soften the pictures this week and let things be 'diffused' a little bit. Sometimes seeing life through rose colored glasses is a great thing. My garden is starting to settle into fall but there are still some wonderful blooms to provide me with beautiful material for this post.

My favorite reading spot where I never read a newspaper, rather I browse through picture books and magazines that fill me with inspiration.

...and, I am blessed with wonderful treats from lands far away courtesy of my swap pal Beth. She made me this scrumptious basket bag where all my most coveted silk yarn is now stored. She included a beautiful piece of fabric that will be featured in another post and an awesome, handmade cuff bracelet that pretty much never leaves my wrist and is being worn while I shoot these pictures.

This has been a great distraction...we return next week with our regularly scheduled programming.