Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was so happy to see all the comments flowing in for my giveaway; so let me announce the winner (drum roll). The winner is Traci (better known as "Mrs. French") of bliss. Traci is an amazing photographer and a wonderful person. I got so excited with the giveaway that I decided to draw a second winner to win a couple of skeins of some wonderful sock yarn from Apple Laine made here in Canada; and the winner of the yarn is Rachel of the times we are living in. Rachel has the coolest job in the world; she is an elk biologist. So, if the two winners could email me their address information, I can parcel off the goodies and send them on their way.

Are any of you suffering from attention deficit lately? I can't focus on anything. It might be the jitters that stay with me after a busy day at work, or trying to do too many different things....I can't seem to settle down. I have 'busy brain' and I keep pondering, analyzing ... everything. Have you noticed that we are in the process of deconstructing our existence: food, the economy, our lifestyles. I wonder if it is because we are trying to understand the 'whole' , so we break it down into 'pieces' as we try to make sense of our lifestyles and our societal ethics. Yeah I know...I really should stop thinking for a bit here, this all sounds so hippie/dippy. I have tried to express the positive side of deconstruction in my photo above - I call it the deconstruction of a see the whole, which is so beautiful and then you notice the parts that contribute to the whole and realize how important they are.

And ending on a very happy note... here I was spreading some good karma and what do you think happened to me? Well.....I got chocolate in the mail...yes, chocolate (that has to make you all believers in something)! Raphaelle of au coeur d'artycho was kind enough to send me some Seeds of Change chocolate JUST because I raved about it in a comment under her post. Honestly people, leaving a comment on someones blog is a good thing :) The reason you see a wrapper in the photo below is because the chocolate was devoured in no time. I blame the Babe for that. Check out Raphaelle's amazing shop artycho boutique, your little ones will thank you.

Happy weekend everyone!