Friday, October 17, 2008

in the spirit of good karma, here is a giveaway

I have been the recipient of many wonderful things lately. I won two giveaways, I have had several wonderful swap opportunities, and....I have been told I can start training again by the 'soft tissue guru'. So in the spirit of all that is great and fabulous, I am holding a 'giveaway'. I am not certain if someone would necessarily want to wear something I made - however, here are the rules and the goodies.

ONE person will be drawn from those who leave a little comment on this post, to win the three items featured above. There is a scarf - very simple knit - but made from a scrumptious, soft pink beaded yarn from Tilli Thomas; there are hand-knit socks with cute little flowers encircling the top of the leg; and, there are note cards created from some of my favorite photographs that I have taken. Both of the knits are made by yours truly with love. I will draw the name next Saturday, October 25, and announce the winner in my post on that day.

Also in the spirit of good Karma, I would like to mention a very lovely person - Tracy of Pink Purl. Tracy is an extremely talented individual and I have purchased jewelry and this wonderful purse (photo below) from her shop. Tracy's work is perfection - her handmade items are unique and she always puts a little something extra in my parcel for me to enjoy. I love buying 'handmade' and supporting artisans who put so much care and effort into the items they create. And...Tracy always gives me hugs in her emails and can you go wrong with that?

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to leave me a comment for the giveaway draw.