Saturday, October 4, 2008


Honestly, I am at a loss of words this week. I just came back from New York yesterday where I was attending a financial oil and gas conference at a very large brokerage house that is now part of a very large bank. I am getting used to speaking with investors who are now no longer panicking and desperate but rather 'just desperate' - a huge improvement in sentiment ( I am being very sarcastic here).

Walking through the streets of New York in wonderful little shopping districts like SoHo, NoLiTa and the Meat Packing District I pondered life. I went inside all these wonderful little boutiques that sold socks for $90 and little t-shirts for $295. I could not bring myself to buy anything. There just seemed to be something obscene about paying $90 for socks when people are losing their life savings and their homes, and their jobs. Besides, I can knit my own socks :)

So I have decided that instead of trying to write something profound when the world has been turned a little upside down, I will play a game. I have been tagged by Tilly to name seven random things about myself - here goes
  1. I am training for a marathon - I am injured right now (very bad shin splints) but I will push ahead
  2. I am left handed
  3. I despise pudding, creamed corn, tapioca, rice pudding, creme brulee, anything with that icky, creamy texture
  4. I am allergic to bullsh*t
  5. I love writing down lists of goals, dreams, objectives, tasks, you name it I will list it
  6. My very favorite book of all times is 'Jitterbug Perfume' by Tom Robbins (the theme of the book is striving for immortality and perfume is featured heavily)
  7. I am terrified of birds - especially seagulls

I am supposed to tag seven other people but I can't bring myself to do it today. It's nice to not have to actually make any decisions - and today is my 'I am not making any decisions day' - so definitely not a day I would go to Starbucks.