Friday, November 14, 2008

demon cat and non-related ramblings

Tencents on the left; demon cat on the right (her real name is Boo)
**tee hee - Christmas teaser in top photo**

I have decided to give up trying to commit to a serious knitting project. My Anniki is half finished and idling upstairs in my room.'s just socks for me in the near-term. I am working on a pair right now that are half finished so maybe, in like about two weeks there might be a knitting post.

The Babe and I are watching a friend's cat while he is in Dubai...I have never had two cats in the house before - suffice it to say that the cat got named Demon Cat for the first couple of days as she cowered in the basement, growled at anything that came close, hissed at our Tencents (who I think hates her as only cats can hate) and basically sliced the Babe's finger open when he unadvisedly decided he should pet her. Why he wanted to pet her when the thing was practically pulling an exorcist (remember the head turning thing!) is beyond my comprehension. Thankfully we have progressed since those first couple of days - demon cat decided she really likes us hence we are now 'allowed' to pet her, however, her and Tencents are another relationship altogether. They don't fight - but they seem to know how to antagonise each other. I feel tired from all this for some reason. Between stress at work and dueling cats at home I really can't wait until Christmas when I get two weeks off.

I have also decided that all the world renown economists want us to be in a recession because they actually get to be on television spouting off inane predictions, bragging about having predicted this economic crisis (they are all geniuses - they all predicted this!! heavy sarcasm here)'s kind of like 'Revenge of the Nerds' - the Nerds are finally getting their 15 minutes in a long time...when did the IT bubble burst again? 2001 or so? Sigh...I am feeling catty for some reason.