Friday, November 21, 2008

transitions and traditions

chocolate ganache almond cake(yes I made it - can you believe it) and birthday flowers

Today is my birthday is always a transition to the Christmas season for me. Once Halloween is over and my birthday is over I start feeling all jingle-belly. Of course it helps to get into that holiday mood when snow covers our part of the planet. My sister's birthday is the same day as mine (our dad was an engineer!) and the Babe and my sister's husband celebrate their birthdays a few days after ours - we just get everything over in one week and then we can happily go on to Christmas.

Over the next few weeks, specifically beginning with next weekend, I would like to share snippets of my Christmas preparations. Those of you who celebrate some kind of winter holiday or moment are more than welcome to join me in sharing your family traditions. It does not need to be anything elaborate - post a thought or a picture as often as you like. Leave me a little note here if you want to participate and I can check out your blogs on a regular basis to see your representations.

I love traditions - being of European descent but having lived in Canada for many years, my holiday traditions are a blend of the two cultures. The reason I love Christmas, is that it is a time when we celebrate with family and we get together with friends for some happy cheer. It is a time to dress up, feel festive, cook wonderful food and eat lots of it. We have never placed an emphasis on giving multiple gifts - rather, I am brought up with the philosophy that at Christmas you receive one thing you want but don't necessarily need. Growing up, gifts comprised one special item and usually a book. I am glad Christmas is only once a year because that is what makes the holidays festive...besides, if we celebrated in that manner all the time we would go broke buying new clothes for our ever expanding waistlines :)

So happy weekend everyone and more holiday thoughts and musings to come over the next four weeks.