Saturday, November 1, 2008

up for some kitchen poetry?

I LOVE it when someone thinks up something fun to do! Toni of simple sparrow is hosting a 'kitchen poetry' week this week - from Monday, November 3 through to Sunday November 9. The idea is to take a picture at some point in a day in your can be any kind of picture...something delicious getting cooked, or a pot on your stove that just looks like it needs to be photographed, or your kitty hovering around you hoping something good might drop her way...anything at all.

I bought my house about two years ago, this month, and I am ashamed to say that this vast 2,000 square foot space is occupied by the Babe and I and our cat. Our living room does not contain a stick of furniture. We live in our family room and our kitchen. My kitchen is original to the house - circa 1979 - and desperately needs renovation. The price tag for renovations would be astounding, so much so, that we are not in the mood to undertake the project. Having lived in a shoe box most of my adult life I admit that I do relish all this space and openness. What is interesting is how having all this room makes me more conscious about stuff and clutter - I am an obsessive "de-clutter bug" - I am allergic to accumulating 'junk'.

The kitchen truly is the heart of this house - I love to cook, it adjoins the family room where we really live and it has catered to many friends and dinner parties over the past two years....and so as an ode to my outdated kitchen, I am excited to share little kitchen moments over the next week. If you want to join in the fun, leave your information on Toni's blog in the comments, and let me know too, so I can check out your pictures.