Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the gift of gifting

Bloggers are great gift givers. Yesterday I came home from a frustrating business trip to Winnipeg - where it was -48C with the windchill. That is so cold. I left Calgary in blowing snow at 5:00 a.m. My cab was late and stuck at the bottom of our hill - I had to walk down in my "meeting" boots and barely made my flight. I arrived home late, cranky and exhausted that same day..... to a parcel, all the way from England, from Lin full of wonderful, hand-made goodies - even the cat received some felted balls to play with. I got a necklace, yarn, a hand-sewn tree decoration and a cute card made by Lin. Bloggers give generously - often it is a spontaneous act - the most wonderful kind of giving. I was greatly cheered up and very touched. Thank you Lin.

Giving is synonymous with Christmas. We give presents to our children, to our loved ones, to those who are underprivileged... it is a time of year when we don't want anyone to go without. I often wondered if giving of gifts is a recent tradition that came along with the concept of Father Christmas or Santa or with the story of the Magi bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. I did some research and apparently gift giving to celebrate the winter solstice and the new year predates the birth of Christ and the celebration of Christmas as we know it. As Christianity spread, the act of gift giving was hard for church leaders to get rid of, hence, it was incorporated into the tradition of Christmas. The practice of gift giving as we know it, has its genesis in the Victorian era with the figure of Father Christmas or St. Nicholas. Today, in our somewhat material society, giving has gone to an extreme where people go into debt to give too many things.

I love that bloggers still cherish that special sentiment of giving gifts from the heart, typically made by them or other artisans and giving because they want to give. How fabulous is that?