Thursday, December 11, 2008

handmade christmas

Every Christmas, I have an urge to create something. I think it started when I was a child and, like all children, we made holiday crafts at school. This tradition stuck and to this day I make something handmade each Christmas. This year I am into hearts, stars and birds, and I hung these simple crafted ornaments on the curly willow that graces my fireplace hearth. These naive creations suit the simplicity and organic shape of the curly willow.

(I found out about these stars here and the instructions are here)

Quite a few years ago I was into making gold angels, pictured below: dip and drape fabric, Styrofoam balls, straw hair, all spray-painted gold. I was living on Vancouver Island and late November we drove to Calgary (a 17 hour car ordeal involving a 3 hour ferry ride) - I made my sister one of these angels for Christmas and decided to bring it with me for my mom to pass on to her on Christmas Eve. Mom, my sister and I were downstairs just chatting away, when we hear a little voice saying "Merry Christmas Auntie Bo!". There was one of my boys, only about 5 years old then, who thought the present should be opened right away. My sister could not disappoint so she opened her gift a month early. How excited the boys were to watch their auntie open the sparkly parcel.

Speaking of handmade, for my birthday this year, I treated myself to some scrumptious bling made by Bon Bon Oiseau . These beautiful, delicate pieces are unique and are hand-crafted by a most talented artist and wonderful person. Remember to support your artisans this Christmas. There are so many handmade options for meaningful gifts that are made with love and care.