Thursday, January 8, 2009

flawed beauty

When my children were little I used to sew them clothes. I did not really know how to 'sew' but I muddled my way through it. I have not sewn for a million years until this Christmas when I made little ornaments out of those fat square bundles one buys at the quilting store. I had a few bundles left over so I thought I would make a quilt. I don't know how to quilt.

I am grateful for my camera lens that can make anything look beautiful. You can't see the crooked lines, the puckers and caught fabric, and all the mistakes. Many, many pin pricks and bleeding fingers later (I cut myself with the rotary cutter), I got my quilt. Next time, I am taking a class. Apparently, there is such a thing as a walking foot that helps tremendously plus a thousand bloggers who I am certain would have provided guidance. (You did not want to see the face of the sewing machine woman at the sewing center when I asked her if they sold a 'running foot' for my sewing machine).

I love my quilt with all its flaws because it is only through our willingness to be imperfect that we can strive to achieve something beautiful. The hyacinth is just for viewing pleasure.