Saturday, February 21, 2009

ginger cookies

February and March can be somewhat depressing around here. As most parts of the world are starting to exhibit little signs of spring, we here in the Canadian prairies are typically enveloped by snow, cold, and.... flu season. I am a firm believer in the powers of knitting and cookies to stave of lingering winter blues.

Ginger has many wonderful medicinal properties - apparently it is a potent fighter against the common cold, sinus problems and flu symptoms.... all the more reason to indulge oneself with these amazing ginger cookies. The recipe can be found here. I do have to warn you that on the website these cookies look nice and round - mine really spread out so when it says in the instructions to place them a few inches apart on the pan, I suggest very strongly you do so. I used spelt flour in my recipe. This is not a cookie for the weak of palate - these cookies have a very assertive hit of ginger. I am quite certain after eating these babies, no flu or cold bug will want to be near you.

Have a great weekend