Thursday, February 26, 2009

escaping the colony

Lately, I have been contemplating about lovely moments - you know that satisfied, peaceful feeling that comes with being in a place of perfect bliss, where I am the only one completely in control of everything. There are no bosses to suck up to, no difficult and unreasonable people to deal with, no commitments to anything or anyone - just unadulterated selfishness. These times are so rare and so precious - just before I doze off into dreamland at night, I try to savour the feeling of that moment with the same deliberation as I savour a good glass of wine or a most delectable meal. I call those moments 'escaping the colony'.

So a couple of those moments produced the vest pictured above (there are additional pictures on flickr). The yarn is amazing, it is Mirasol's Hacho in Sienna Olive; the stitch pattern was fabulous, kind of a sloping basket stitch, the fit turned out well. Now the problem: the shoulders - blech, I think. This pattern has a wider shoulder that kind of flares into a little butterfly wing cap sleeve. I don't know if I am sold on it. You pick up stitches around the sleeve in a rib pattern and I think it now looks like I am ready to take flight. I don't know if I am exaggerating this in my head or if it really does look ridiculous. I could undo a bit of the side seam, rip out the rib edge of the shoulder and simply single crochet around the edge. In any case, I am not displeased with it and it will get some wear.

Happy weekend everyone.