Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine musings

Valentine's day is one of those dilemmas - special days are supposed to be inclusive rather than exclusionary. I remember in my single days sitting at work and watching all the flowers being delivered to people wishing one of the bouquets was for me. I remember in school when kids would give Valentines to their classmates, and some kids would get so many and others would get none, amplifying their feeling of not being popular (I am quite positive there are people out there in life-long therapy for just that reason). Most of my single girlfriends absolutely dread/hate February 14 and would rather the day did not exist. I don't remember Valentine's Day being celebrated in the Czech Republic, however, in North America it is a day to celebrate love. I believe firmly that love comes in a variety of forms: partners, family, friends and even pets. I urge you to remember all those people you know who might need an extra-special something to make their Valentine's a day a good one - include someone - and for Pete's sake people, kiss your cat (or dog).

I have forbidden the Babe to send me flowers to work, rather we celebrate Valentine's day in private. This year, the Babe asked what I wanted for Valentine's day and I requested a Chapters gift card, because more than anything in the world, I love buying books... and there are a couple of books out there I very much want. Our goal for Saturday is to loaf around all day and do blissful 'nothings'.

So hugs and kisses to all of you and have a wonderful weekend.