Friday, March 27, 2009

beer 'n cookies

I had to laugh - my sister called me at work today and said "What's going on? Where is the weekly dose of Raining Sheep?" It is Friday and I usually have my weekely post up first thing. I was away on a business trip for three days and I must confess I did not have a post ready, did not do my regular round of comments on my favorite blogs, (my apologies for this to you all), and I have not picked up my camera in weeks. Life at work has been harried and I survived a four hour flight in a packed-out plane by snarfing down an entire bag of gummy bears. However, I did do some baking last week and I do want to share that with you.

Everyone needs to have a most excellent chocolate chip cookie in their repertoire. What makes these cookies especially delectable is that you shave a bar of the best chocolate you can afford into the cookie dough rather than using the standard chocolate chips. The cookies turn out full of oozy, delicious chocolate. I found the recipe on my favorite website 101 Cookbooks. The recipe makes a sizable batch of cookies and I caught the Babe red-handed with a huge plateful swilling them down with his beer - I know this is a departure from the traditional milk, but this is Canada and I would hate to be the one to dispel the myth of the importance of beer to a Canadian male.