Wednesday, March 18, 2009

french breakfast

There is nothing better than having a Monday off when everyone else is working. By working an extra half hour a day, I have the luxury of taking a day off each month. I always take a Monday because I love the feeling of awaking on Monday morning knowing I don't have to move a single body part from under the covers. The Babe gets every second Monday off as a rule - he works for the City! Usually he is ice climbing with his climbing buddies who I don't think have jobs.

On this Monday the sun was streaming through the windows and the cat was stretched out in an auspicious sunbeam. The previous day I went to the Ladybug Cafe and Bakery to stock up of on French cookies. The perfect day off includes eating sticky florentines and orangettes covered in rich dark chocolate for breakfast. Technically neither of those are breakfast foods but I figure that somewhere in the fabrication of these confections, fruit, nuts, eggs, milk are all used so I can argue that breakfast staples are incorporated somewhere in these two delicacies. A cup of Kicking Horse coffee made with freshly ground beans washes it all down.

All this is the perfect precursor to reading Molly Wizenberg's new book 'A Homade Life'. I absolutely love Molly's book because her father Burg, reminds me of my dad - specifically when it comes to food. My dad loves food and respects meal times as fervently as a good Catholic observes Lent. Dad has every cooking gadget you can image and when he embarks on a cooking experiment it takes my mom two days to clean the kitchen and utensils that are used in the operation. He also has made some of the best bread I have ever eaten. White, crusty peasant bread - the fattening kind! Dad is also guilty of sneaking a full teaspoon of jam directly from the jam jar. Americans may have apple pie, but Europeans have food with no discrimination.