Friday, April 10, 2009


There are many lessons to be learned from nature.  I pondered this thought as I sat in my gloriously sunny backyard today - this Good Friday. I could not help but be excited at the tiny, first signs of spring that are manifesting themselves in my flower beds. It truly brings home the concept that our seasons are cycles - they come and go in the perfect rhythms supplied by the beat of the drum of our planet. This is a perfect lesson to take home when you consider the state of our global economy. Economic cycles come and go, and each time we are experiencing an economic version of an icy cold winter, we sometimes forget that spring will actually come back to give us relief from the chill.

I am excited and looking forward to browsing through my gardening magazines and books, gleefully anticipating the additions I will make to my flower beds. I carefully scrutinized today what most likely did not make it through the winter, and rejoiced at the hardy plants that survived and which will provide their beautiful blooms for me to enjoy this summer.

Happy spring everyone.