Saturday, April 25, 2009

race day

**UPDATE** I RAN and finished my half marathon (21 km/13 miles) in 2:39 hours. I am so excited - my first race ever!!

Do you have a list? You know.... the LIST of things you want to do before you die. It seems that the LIST is very trendy right now, there is even a reality show about it - check it out here. I have many things on my list some of which are achievable and others, well, perhaps not. But one can dream :) 

One of my dreams and number one of my list, as some of you may know, is to run a marathon. I have been training for a year now and it has not been easy. Several bad injuries caused interruptions and have made training hard. A busy job and travel schedule have also impacted training.  But, I am determined and this Sunday I am running my very first race - a half marathon. I am only 14 weeks past injury, so I have strict orders on the acceptable method to run the race from my physiotherapist. My goal is to just finish - I don't care about time, pace and all of the other things so important to runners. If I can finish, then I can finish the next race one month from now and then maybe the full marathon I want to run in October. It will be cold Sunday - the forecast is for snow, a high of 3C and 30 km/h winds - it will be a slog. Cross your fingers and toes for me.

One more thing; I am going to be gone for a few weeks. Time away to rest, enjoy life away from work, experience some warmth and have time to just ponder the greatness of being alive. So I will be missing from this space for two weeks or so. See you all soon.