Saturday, May 23, 2009

We all love our significant others, but I think we would all agree that having a 'girl weekend' is fabulous. The Babe went climbing with his man-friends over the long weekend and I was left at home to relish in the splendor of 'doing nothing'. The she-Gods were smiling at me because the weather was  warm and conducive to sitting out on the patio, drinking wine and eating grapes and strawberries. I felt like a spoiled Greek goddess of some kind. I had to upload the photo of my feast because the whole scene was like an impressionist painting and obviously needed to be captured for posterity and shared.

I have turned my focus almost completely on my garden this week - trying to decide if I dare plant anything yet. We have had the worst spring and even this week we had temps below freezing during the night. Typically by now I have boxes of new perennials awaiting planting - not so this year. In spite of the cold, my perennials are all coming alive and some are ready to show themselves. Hopefully, this is the week I can start filling in some of those empty spaces in my flower beds.

Happy weekend!