Friday, June 5, 2009

slow days

I can't help but notice there has been a lot of color in my photos lately - I think the excitement of spring's arrival invaded my camera finger. Today it's raining and the whole weekend is supposed to be cold. I am under the weather so I think a more 'muted' tone is appropriate. I ran another half-marathon last weekend and bettered my running time by 25 minutes from my last race, but I feel tired.  I will blame the lethargy on the Babe because he was really sick last week and obviously he felt the need to share the love :)

Rainy weekends are a sign to slow down, do some knitting, and drink some really nice tea. There are projects I am thinking about and some new yarn might make these projects a reality ... at some point.  Maybe a trip to my favorite yarn store is in order tomorrow.

Happy weekend.