Sunday, June 21, 2009

things that wait for you

I am finally home after being gone for over a week. I had a great conference and a lovely visit with my parents. I am home for only five days and then I am off again on business. I have to say I am tired. I came home after all these days to a most beautiful garden. Everything was three times the size and although there is something to be said to be able to see this amazing difference so clearly, I prefer to be here and watch the garden grow. I was greeted by a fully blooming bush loaded with giant peony heads. 

I have not been knitting anything exciting although I do have a pair of simple socks started. There has just not been any time. I am still waiting for the summer to come - you know... summer....  lazy days drinking cold gin and tonic while lazying about in the garden, allowing the sun to warm one's face. Life has been unusually busy with work and business travel. I can't wait for it to just STOP. This will hopefully be my last business trip this summer and things will slow down. I start working four days a week in July and I can't wait.